Wednesday, June 30, 2010

-no title yet-

I reached out to help you up
And in my hands was everything I could offer.
Like all of me, and then some
I wanted life for you, I wanted love for you
All I did was love you past your unlovable parts
And I opened up my arms
Tried to embrace you into myself
Where it was safe
But You pushed me away
My cries for your life fell on the deaf ears of your heartbeat
And I was unable to tear down the walls that kept the noise out
Unable to play any sort of melody on your heartstrings
I tried again and again but I couldn’t produce any sound worth listening to
Nothing beautiful enough for you to stop, take notice of, and listen to
Your life was falling apart and I scrambled to use what was left of me
To keep you together, to keep us together
But I am only me and that’s hardly enough for all of you
As you broke I broke
And we lie here in pieces separate in all the important places
Like sand you can’t find the parts that fit together
And I don’t even know if there is enough left to put us back together
Not enough of me, and not enough of you
But maybe together there is enough for one
My hands, your arms, my legs your feet
Your heart and my lungs
Maybe we can salvage enough that it matters
Challenge ourselves to find something about us
Something we could salvage and bring to the surface
And somehow move through this
Otherwise you’ve lost all of you and I’ve given up all of me
And at the end we are finished
And there is nothing left of us.
So maybe before you push me away again
Before you walks away from me again
Before you leave my love again
Give us a chance,
Don’t give up on me, and I won’t give up on you
Please, I love you, so take my love
I know it can’t fill you, but maybe
It’s enough so you can stand