Sunday, March 21, 2010

Update. . .

So. . . per-usual, i'm up far to late. But i suppose i can't help it when the inspiration hits. i wrote another song tonight, and i am pleased to announce that i have finished writing 6 songs for this specific project. i'm very excited about it. Some fine tuning needs to happen on all of them, but they are each about 90% of the way finished and that is the hard part. I'm very excited. i'm getting more organized in my thoughts and what not and that too is very exciting.
However, the theme of this project has shifted. without me making attempts to and in some ways inspite of me trying to. I was hoping this project would be more hopeful, and full of joy but it has definitely taking on a very sombering feel. It's a very dark sound and even though the lyrics are . . . positive. . . maybe. . . the themes behind them are fairly harsh. But i suppose maybe that's more realistic. perhaps the next project will be me coming out on the other side of whatever it is i'm in the middle of right now. all in all the project (the actual assemblying of the songs part) is about 70% of the way done. now i've never played the songs for people and i haven't figured out (even in my head) all the musical arrangements but a lot of that will happen starting in summer of 2011 after my YEAR ABROAD!!!! but i want to get all the material written before b/c i think it's important for me to have these moments cataloged. I might start recording as soon as June of THIS year b/c i want to get SOMETHING started and see how it all sounds and what not. perhaps i'll release a "single" to the five of you who follow me ;)
the point of this post was to inform everyone that the title of the CD will be changing, the Fall, Hugs, and Coffee theme will be taking a back seat in leu of the change in theme. the Project is going in a different direction and with that the title and overall outlook on this project will be changing as well. i love you all and goodnight :)